In early 2015, the Wayne and Joan Webber Foundation committed $135,000 to match pooled MCRF funds in support of an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant (IRG) at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. This award funded pilot grants for nine investigators over three years. MCRF's support of the Karmanos IRG had a rippling effect on the researchers' success in obtaining $4,350,721 in additional grants. T

In 2019, the IRG at Karmanos Cancer Institute net a 1,600% return on MCRF investment. This return was a sustaining catalytic result of the collaboration with KCI. Another very positive result is the prolific intellectual product  from the research cadre who have authored 24 peer-reviewed publications to date. 

Join us in extending our heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to Wayne and Joan Webber and to MCRF Trustees for their support of the very productive IRG at Karmanos!