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Institutional Research Grant at Karmanos Cancer Institute Nets 1,600% Return on MCRF Investment (Summer 2019)

Title: test - Description: estIn early 2015, the Wayne and Joan Webber Foundation committed $135,000 to match pooled MCRF funds in support of an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant (IRG) at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. This award funded pilot grants for nine investigators over three years. MCRF's support of the Karmanos IRG had a rippling effect on the researchers' success in obtaining $4,350,721 in additional grants. This 1,600% return on the original investment was a sustaining catalytic result of the collaboration with KCI. Another very positive result is the prolific intellectual product from ths researcher cadre who have authored 24 peer-reviewed publications to date.

We know you join us in extending our heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to Wayne and Joan Webber and to MCRF Trustees for their support of the very productive Institutional Research Grant at Karmanos!

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Research Luncheon and Lab Visit - June 2019

MCRF Trustees enjoyed a research luncheon with MCRF Fellows Dr. Kaitlin Basham, Dr. Jennifer Speth, Dr. Jennifer Cash, and Dr. Brock Humphries (MCRF's most recent grant recipient), followed by a presentation by Dr. Humphries and a tour of his University of Michigan laboratory. Dr. Humphries' research focuses on uncovering the molecular mechanisms that cause cancer recurrence and metastases to better identify new therapeutic targets for patients with triple negative breast cancer.

Dr. Humphries presents his research


Alan Helisek explores a tumor cell in virtual reality


MCRF Executive Steering Committee at 2015 Annual Dinner


Research Discussion and Lab Tour - at the University of Michigan with Jeannie Hernandez, 2013 MCRF Fellow - May 2014

Sixth Annual MCRF Trustee Dinner - at the Home of MCRF Chairs Scott and Huong Reilly
October 2013


Fifth Annual MCRF Trustee Dinner - at the Home of Founding Chair Bill Campbell
June 2012

2012 Trustees
2012 Trustee Dinner2012 Trustee Dinner

Annual Trustee Dinner - at the Home of MCRF Founding Chair Bill Campbell
June 2011

Trustees 2011


2011 Annual Dinner Attendees


MCRF Dinner Attendees


Researchers Update


MCRF Meet the Researcher Event - Karmanos Cancer Institute
February 2010

Bill Campbell greets Huong.
Dr. David DeGraff presents.
MCRF Chair Bill Campbell greets Trustee Huong Reilly.
MCRF 2009 Fellow David DeGraff, PhD, provides information on his research on advanced prostate cancer.
cold room facility
Dr. Stephen Ethier shows MCRF Trustees the cold room facility of the Karmanos research lab.


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